Riding on the Stock Trailer

Yesterday afternoon I met Daddy in Kissimmee to drop an Angus bull. When he pulled into the gate, my boys climbed out of the car and raced to jump onto the back of the stock trailer. It's funny how history repeats itself and you see yourself in your children! When I was a child, my sister, brother and I would always look forward to the end of a long day of ranch work and the bumpy, riotous ride we knew would follow. Daddy would pull onto our long, shell grade driveway and we'd jump out. Next, we'd climb on the back and hang on for dear life! All the while, the cow dogs and horses were looking at us with a look of 'are they really going to ride with us'? While he'd only drive a few miles per hour, he'd take the time to hit every pothole in the driveway. We'd giggle and yell- enjoying every moment of our rollercoaster ride- country style! Thanks Daddy for the fond memories.

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