Ode to Us Cowgirls

Young girls out joyriding, Get a horse they say... But what they don’t realize is there are those of us that rode most everyday. Cuttin’ & partin’ out pairs paid the bills, In the saddle for hours on end- so hungry you’re nearly ill . Riding for fun was not something we got to do, We rode to put food on the table, shippin’ cattle was all we knew. Hot days spent in the saddle, sores on our inner knees and our thighs, Backriding for days- cowhunting and reading sign. Endless sloughs and grass prairie- and still we’d ride on, Stay overnight at a hunt camp and in the morning  saddle up at dawn. There were few cross fences, sixteen thousand acres or more- Riding for days, didn't matter if we were sore. Palmettos and cat claw briars had us wishing we owned chaps, Still times were good- you knew what you did have. Family who were ranchers and lived just like you- Working hard for a living like most of us do! Cowgirls- where girls were born and expected to work just like men. Brandin’ & taggin’ all day in the cowpens. You are every man’s equal, My daddy would say- Just let them come and work alongside you for a day!

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