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J F Chesser is my maiden name and I currently use it as my pen name for my Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal titles. Jenny Hammerle, as a brand, is usually reserved for my Contemporary, Historical, or YA Romance titles. I have completed three books in the Redneck Debutante Series®, as well as self-published several titles on I first started writing in 2010. Becoming an author wasn't something I had ever planned on doing. In all honesty I had received mostly B's and C's on any high school or college paper I had ever attempted- and yes- even one D.  Then one day in 2003, shortly after the birth of our first son, I received a calling to write.  I stubbornly ignored that calling for six long years. By then, my husband and I found ourselves facing a layoff and all the uncertainty that comes with it. I prayed on our problems and realized just how disobedient I had been. I marched upstairs and began penning Redneck Debutante, a 107k word novel in a little over two weeks. Here I am just a few years later with a published book series! God is good and I'm so thankful that I finally listened to his calling!
Jenny Hammerle

Walking at the creek on the ranch


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