My first contract is on its way!

I received some amazing news yesterday! Two years after writing Redneck Debutante and beginning my search for a literary agent, I received word regarding a two book contract on Redneck Debutante and Redneck Debutante: Cowgirl Down! This comes after my literary agent, Terry Burns with Hartline Literary, suggested that I split the original full manuscript into two books. I did so and finished the edit/ revision on Book 1. Then I began the edit on Book 2 and extended the story line to 75k words. What a fantastic adventure! In the end the advice of a good agent proved to be invaluable! Terry's vision of two books coupled with God's Grace and guidance in my writing were the perfect combination of experience and creativity. Thank you Terry! We're finally on our way to fulfilling God's calling! When the ink is dry on the contract I will post further details!

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  1. Kathy Chesser says:

    Dear Jenny,
    Congratulations! I am so proud of you. You have worked hard to achieve this success.
    Continue to be true to your values, your dreams, and to yourself as you move forward with your writing career. Love and God Bless, Momma xxxooo

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