Redneck Debutante

Redneck Debutante® Conqueror Button Nothing could have prepared her for the sight of the rugged cowboy. Green eyes, dark-brown hair, tall, tanned, nicely muscled. And there she was, standing in the creek in only her underwear.   West Palm, Florida Fifteen-year-old Rachael Harte has everything she could want—plenty of money, hang-out time with friends at the beach, and Colten, the hot boyfriend every girl in her prep school drools over. But just as she receives her long-awaited debutante invitation, scandal strikes her family. Now Rachael has to go to public high school and live with her Aunt Margaret in a place called Fruitville. How much more redneck could it get? The first day, as she’s cooling off from the heat, she hears a soft “ahem” and looks up into the eyes of Travis Baxter, the most handsome cowboy she’s ever seen. His smirk is bad enough. Worse, they’re now neighbors and will attend the same school. As Rachael plunges into redneck life in rural Florida, she’s charmed by a quirky new group of friends, including Travis’s twin, Maysie, but still misses her friends back home. Can Rachael and Colten survive on once-a-month visits? Or will Travis’s cowboy charms win her over? What she learns as a Redneck Debutante will teach her more about love and life than she could ever have dreamed. The REDNECK DEBUTANTE Series® Romance that’s a little bit city, a little bit country. Redneck Debutante®: Cowgirl Down now available at Amazon and OakTara! 9781602902640-Perfect.indd  

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