Memories of the County Fair

Last week I found myself in Bartow watching the Commercial Heifer show on a Tuesday night. The next generation of 4H and FFA kids showing off the animals they've worked so hard to raise over the past year. To me there is nothing like the smells at the fairgrounds. The saw dust in the arena, cotton candy and elephant ears in the food booths- and the stench of the livestock barns! I spent years in those barns showing steers and I never noticed the smell! Grooming my steers and working with them are some of my happiest childhood memories. As I walked through the hog barn on sale night and saw the kids sitting with their hogs, I thought back to my days in 4H and how if I could go back I would... and do it the same way- all over again.

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  1. They were good times, Jen!
    Organizations like FFA and 4H help shape the character and work ethic of many a child.

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