Holidays on the ranch!

We kicked off our holiday season with Thanksgiving in Frostproof on my cousin's ranch. It was a day filled with good homecooked food and family- as well as a ranchhand and cowboy. I helped work with two heifers that will be shown in the county fair in January, as well as feeding about fifty others. My children enjoyed driving the John Deere Gator around the pastures, as well as burying themselves neck-deep in piles of fill dirt. At the end of the day they were worn out and filthy- each making a valid argument as to why they didn't need a bath that night! I especially liked their point that they're just going to get dirty again! On Christmas we decided to remain close to home- a little hunting in the morning followed by family time in the afternoon. It was such a blessing to have our family close by this holiday season and I'm reminded how fortunate we are to all live in the same state less than a few hours drive from each other. Hope you and your family had a blessed holiday season.  

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