ACFW Conference

I just attended the ACFW Conference for the first time. It was a wonderful experience getting to meet other authors, especially those I've interacted with online over the past year. If you've never attended here are a few important reminders: 1. Register Early! Appointments are on a first-come-first-serve basis. I registered late and didn't get a single appointment! Thank goodness for the persistence and dedication of my agent, Terry Burns, who got me a sit down meeting with a great editor. 2. Don't stay offsite! I stayed offsite and the hotel was much farther away than they'd advertised! Cab fare adds up quickly. 3. Bring a jacket, sweater or both! The conference rooms are freezing! Burrrr! 4. Mingle! I met some amazing new contacts- including one who does promotion and marketing for a large chain of bookstores! 5. Always carry your business cards! I handed out fifty or so! 6. Wear a smile and have fun! Everyone was very nice and approachable! I pitched two agents by just walking up to them and introducing myself. One asked me to send a full proposal.

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