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On my father’s side we are sixth generation Floridians- cattle and citrus mostly. I grew up on a working cattle ranch. I have been bucked off more than a few times- I survived and lived to write about it. That is why you will find that some of my writing revolves around rural Florida and ranch life. My favorite place to be is at the hunt camp sitting around the campfire listening to, or in some cases, telling funny stories! I love to work cows in the cow pens- branding, tagging, marking, legging, and parting out calves to keep or sell is always a good time! I currently write from home, as well as stay at home with our two wonderful little boys. I'm working at becoming a hybrid author with many works- both self-published and traditionally published. J F Chesser is my maiden name and I currently use it as my pen name for my Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal titles. Jenny Hammerle, as a brand, is usually reserved for my Contemporary, Historical, or YA Romance titles. I love hearing from fans! Reach out to me on Twitter @jennyhammerle

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  1. Teresa Booth says:

    Jenny, I think of you often because you were one of my first books and now I am a full-time Voice Over Artist. Thank you for your early support. I love your books and hope you are having great success. I kissed the Cowboy Next Door…Under the Mistletoe was so much fun to narrate. Love ya’ Teresa Booth

    • Jenny says:

      Teresa, it’s wonderful to hear from you! You were a pleasure to work with! Congratulations on your success. Maybe we can do another project together in the future! I’ll let you know what I have coming up in the spring.

  2. Dear Jenny,
    I absolutley love the Redneck Debutante sereis! I am so sad that there isn’t another book in the sereis. It has been about 3 months since i finished the sereies. I read book one in 2 days, book 2 in 3 days, and book three in 2 1/2 days! I just couldn’t put them down! I have started ‘writing’ a book 4 for the series. I wanted you to see what I have written. Many have told me that, minus my punctuation, my writing is really good. I have been told to look into taking some writing classes. Please look me up. You can find me on Google+. Thank you for taking the time to read this,
    Angela Quillen

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Angela,
      I’m glad you liked the Redneck Debutante Series. Please write a review and post it! I do have some good news for you…Book 4 is nearly finished and will be published soon. Book 5 is in the works! For legal reasons, I cannot and do not accept material from any other writer. Therefore, I can’t read any unsolicited material or your work. The Redneck Debutante Series and all of the material contained in it is copywright protected, as are any derivative works from the Redneck Debutante Series. The stories are personal to me and many come from my own life experiences. Another author once told me to write about my own life and what I live everyday- and it will work!
      I wish you the best in your writing endeavors. Joining an author group is a good place to start. Additionally, there are wonderful writing conferences where you can gain useful tips and learn to create your own stories & characters. Personally, I think ACFW is one of the best conferences to attend.
      Wishing you the best in your writing process,

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