5k Words per day…not as easy as I thought!

I usually like to sit and write five thousand words daily. I don't consider it a successful day unless I hit that number. Suffice to say it is normally an easy task- one that I enjoy immensely. Today was a bit different however. I'd like to say that it was due to tropical storm Debby and atmospheric pressure changes but that wouldn't be true. I could blame it on the kids being out of school for the summer- pent up inside for hours- unable to venture outdoors due to the nasty weather. That's not true either. No the truth would be...*drum roll*...I've encountered my first writer's block! The sci fi fantasy sequel I'm writing stumped me! But as competitive as I am- I stuck with it and what would've normally taken me three hours took me all day! Another 5k completed- and we're not talking running here- even if it felt like a marathon!

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  1. Craig M. Spanjers says:

    Hi, Jenny.

    5K words a day? I am not sure that I think 5k words a day and I certainly don’t speak 5k a day. Now I do run 5k a day, but “runner’s block” is not a problem.

    You are an amazing young woman! Keep it up, and you’ll go far!

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